Azinix File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
array.c [code]Array code
array.h [code]Array data structures
circbuf.c [code]Circular buffer code
circbuf.h [code]Circular buffer data structures
compcrypt.c [code]
evl.c [code]Rule evaluation code
evl.h [code]Rule evaluation data structures
evlAct.c [code]Implement actions on packets
evlFsm.c [code]Build an FSM from a collection of rules
evlMain.c [code]Routines for implementing the overall architecture of Narya firewalling, also some test routines
evlMgr.c [code]Routines for creating data structure containing everything needed to evaluate rules
getopt.c [code]Get options from argv
heap.c [code]Heap code
heap.h [code]Heap code
limit.c [code]
list.c [code]Double linked list code
list.h [code]Double linked list code
nm.h [code]Main package of azinix
nmDoxy.h [code]Main page
nmMain.c [code]Main narya routine
nmTcl.c [code]Routines needed to interface with Tcl
os.h [code]OS specific headers
osLinux.c [code]Linux specific code
perf.c [code]
pkt.c [code]Packet code
pkt.h [code]Packet data structures
pktFile.c [code]Routines for reading and writing packets to file, as well as creating packets
pktNet.c [code]Routines for reading and writing packets to the network
pktTfc.c [code]Routines for creating packets
q.c [code]Queueing code
q.h [code]Queueing data structures
rlp.h [code]Routines for parsing, writing and accessing rules
rlpAct.c [code]Routines for manipulating action structures
rlpL4.c [code]Routines for building a L4 check structure from a formula
rlpL7.c [code]Routines for building a content check structure from an L7 formula
rlpNode.c [code]Routines for building lisp-like lists
rlpParse.c [code]Routines for parsing formulas
rlpUtil.c [code]Routines for manipulating rules
safe_mem.c [code]These are interface routines to be placed between a program and the system memory allocator
st.c [code]Hash code
st.h [code]Hash data structures
stats.c [code]
timing.h [code]Utilities for performing timing
ucode-1.c [code]
url.c [code]
util.c [code]Variety of utility functions for timing analysis
util.h [code]Low-level utilities
util_test.c [code]Routines for testing the util package
var_set.c [code]Bit vectors
var_set.h [code]Bit vectors