Evl_BridgeStats_t Struct Reference

Structure encapsulating various stats, used for testing purposes. More...

#include <evl.h>

Data Fields

util_timing_t startTime
util_timing_t finishTime
int numEntered
int numExited
int bytesWritten
int numDroppedAtWrite
int numDroppedFullRuleCacheArray
int numDroppedFullActionBuf
int numDroppedFullQueue
int numDroppedFullObuf
int numDroppedFullIbuf
int numDroppedBecauseOfAction
int numDroppedOverRate
int numDroppedOverFlowRate
util_timing_t firstPktRead
util_timing_t lastPktWritten

Detailed Description

Structure encapsulating various stats, used for testing purposes.

Definition at line 569 of file evl.h.

Field Documentation

util_timing_t Evl_BridgeStats_t::startTime

Definition at line 571 of file evl.h.

util_timing_t Evl_BridgeStats_t::finishTime

Definition at line 572 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numEntered

Definition at line 573 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numExited

Definition at line 574 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::bytesWritten

Definition at line 575 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedAtWrite

Definition at line 576 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedFullRuleCacheArray

Definition at line 577 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedFullActionBuf

Definition at line 578 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedFullQueue

Definition at line 579 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedFullObuf

Definition at line 580 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedFullIbuf

Definition at line 581 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedBecauseOfAction

Definition at line 582 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedOverRate

Definition at line 583 of file evl.h.

int Evl_BridgeStats_t::numDroppedOverFlowRate

Definition at line 584 of file evl.h.

util_timing_t Evl_BridgeStats_t::firstPktRead

Definition at line 585 of file evl.h.

util_timing_t Evl_BridgeStats_t::lastPktWritten

Definition at line 586 of file evl.h.

array_t* Evl_BridgeStats_t::pcapInfo

Definition at line 587 of file evl.h.