Evl_Fsm_t Struct Reference

Fsm structure. More...

#include <evl.h>

Data Fields

int N
int numStrings
util_byte_array_t ** stateIdToPrefix
u_int16_t * nextStateFunction
int numInputValues
u_int8_t * finalStatesVarSet
int * stateCount

Detailed Description

Fsm structure.

Assumption is that there are no repeated strings. The initial state is the state whose id is numStrings, and the states 0--numStrings-1 are the states corresponding to the input strings.

See also:

Definition at line 358 of file evl.h.

Field Documentation

int Evl_Fsm_t::N

Definition at line 360 of file evl.h.

int Evl_Fsm_t::numStrings

Definition at line 361 of file evl.h.

util_byte_array_t** Evl_Fsm_t::stateIdToPrefix

Definition at line 364 of file evl.h.

u_int16_t* Evl_Fsm_t::nextStateFunction

Definition at line 370 of file evl.h.

int Evl_Fsm_t::numInputValues

Definition at line 372 of file evl.h.

st_table* Evl_Fsm_t::prefixHash

Definition at line 373 of file evl.h.

array_t* Evl_Fsm_t::finalStates

Definition at line 378 of file evl.h.

u_int8_t* Evl_Fsm_t::finalStatesVarSet

Definition at line 383 of file evl.h.

int* Evl_Fsm_t::stateCount

Definition at line 384 of file evl.h.