Hash_t Struct Reference

Hash table. More...

#include <st.h>

Data Fields

int(* compare )()
int(* hash )()
int num_bins
int num_entries
int max_density
int reorder_flag
double grow_factor
Hash_Entry_t ** bins

Detailed Description

Hash table.

The hashtable is based on collision chaining. The user is to provide the hash and compare functions. Pre-defined functions exists for numbers, pointers, and strings.

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Field Documentation

int(* Hash_t::compare)()

int(* Hash_t::hash)()

int Hash_t::num_bins

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int Hash_t::num_entries

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int Hash_t::max_density

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int Hash_t::reorder_flag

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double Hash_t::grow_factor

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Hash_Entry_t** Hash_t::bins

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Hash_Generator_t* Hash_t::gen

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