Pkt_LibPcap_t Struct Reference

An encapsulation of the libpcap_t structure. More...

#include <pkt.h>

Data Fields

pcap_t * p
char * interfaceName
pcap_stat ps
pcap_pkthdr hdr
u_int32_t localNet
u_int32_t netmask
bpf_program filterCode

Detailed Description

An encapsulation of the libpcap_t structure.

Definition at line 426 of file pkt.h.

Field Documentation

pcap_t* Pkt_LibPcap_t::p

Definition at line 428 of file pkt.h.

char* Pkt_LibPcap_t::interfaceName

Definition at line 429 of file pkt.h.

struct pcap_stat Pkt_LibPcap_t::ps

Definition at line 430 of file pkt.h.

struct pcap_pkthdr Pkt_LibPcap_t::hdr

Definition at line 431 of file pkt.h.

u_int32_t Pkt_LibPcap_t::localNet

Definition at line 432 of file pkt.h.

u_int32_t Pkt_LibPcap_t::netmask

Definition at line 433 of file pkt.h.

struct bpf_program Pkt_LibPcap_t::filterCode

Definition at line 434 of file pkt.h.