Pkt_ProcessPkt_t Struct Reference

Packet and rules that are to be applied. More...

#include <pkt.h>

Data Fields

int length
int currentRule
util_timing_t inTime
util_timing_t outTime

Detailed Description

Packet and rules that are to be applied.

The currentRule field keeps track of the rule that is next to be applied.

Definition at line 459 of file pkt.h.

Field Documentation

Pkt_EthernetHdr_t* Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::pkt

Definition at line 461 of file pkt.h.

int Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::length

Definition at line 462 of file pkt.h.

int Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::currentRule

Definition at line 463 of file pkt.h.

Pkt_LibPcap_t* Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::inIf

Definition at line 464 of file pkt.h.

Pkt_LibNet_t* Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::outIf

Definition at line 465 of file pkt.h.

util_timing_t Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::inTime

Definition at line 466 of file pkt.h.

util_timing_t Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::outTime

Definition at line 467 of file pkt.h.

array_t* Pkt_ProcessPkt_t::applicableRules

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