Pkt_UdpHdr_t Struct Reference

UDP Packet header. More...

#include <pkt.h>

Data Fields

u_int16_t srcPort
u_int16_t destPort
u_int16_t checkSum
u_int16_t length

Detailed Description

UDP Packet header.

Taken from p 370 of Peterson and and Davie, 2nd edition. Fields are self evident.

Definition at line 312 of file pkt.h.

Field Documentation

u_int16_t Pkt_UdpHdr_t::srcPort

Definition at line 315 of file pkt.h.

u_int16_t Pkt_UdpHdr_t::destPort

Definition at line 316 of file pkt.h.

u_int16_t Pkt_UdpHdr_t::checkSum

Definition at line 318 of file pkt.h.

u_int16_t Pkt_UdpHdr_t::length

Definition at line 319 of file pkt.h.