Rlp_Action_t Struct Reference

Struct encoding the action to be taken. More...

#include <rlp.h>

Data Fields

Rlp_ActionEnum_t type
char * dest
char * queue
int classIndex
char * uscript
char * ucodeName
int(* ucodeFunction )(void *, void *, void **, char *)
void * ucodeFunctionState
char * argument

Detailed Description

Struct encoding the action to be taken.

Definition at line 1204 of file rlp.h.

Field Documentation

Rlp_ActionEnum_t Rlp_Action_t::type

Definition at line 1206 of file rlp.h.

char* Rlp_Action_t::dest

Definition at line 1208 of file rlp.h.

Pkt_LibNet_t* Rlp_Action_t::destLibnet

Definition at line 1209 of file rlp.h.

char* Rlp_Action_t::queue

Definition at line 1213 of file rlp.h.

int Rlp_Action_t::classIndex

Definition at line 1214 of file rlp.h.

char* Rlp_Action_t::uscript

Definition at line 1216 of file rlp.h.

char* Rlp_Action_t::ucodeName

Definition at line 1218 of file rlp.h.

int(* Rlp_Action_t::ucodeFunction)(void *, void *, void **, char *)

void* Rlp_Action_t::ucodeFunctionState

Definition at line 1220 of file rlp.h.

char* Rlp_Action_t::argument

Definition at line 1223 of file rlp.h.