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To install Azinix, download the azinix-alpha.tar.gz file.

gunzip azinix-alpha.tar.gz to uncompress the file, creating azinix.tar. Run tar xvf azinix.tar to create the azinix directory. This directory includes a Makefile, source subdirectory (src), documentation (doc), and tests (tests).

Azinix requires several libraries: pcap, libnet, tcl, and pcre. Manually edit Makefile in the azinix directory to set the paths for the required libraries, and run make to build Azinix.

(Look for the text EditMe in the Makefile.) To build Azinix, you need to have the following libraries:

Tcl-debug is not required but very helpful for debugging Tcl scripts. The official release is here. I found the Google perf-tools to be very helpful for tt profiling. You can pick them up here.