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Azinix is distributed with a set of tests that should be useful for regressing, as well as understanding the system.

The tests are organized by source file, e.g., the source file evlMgr.c is covered by the tests in evlMgr.test.tcl.

The test scaffolding from Tcl is used for managing the tests. Each test file is a tcl script which can be directly sourced by Azinix, e.g.,

azinix < evlMgr.test.tcl  
Most of the source files do not have associated test files. however, the tests that exist do cover most of the source, as measured by line-coverage reports from gcov.

Most of the tests are functional; however, some of them, specifically in evlMain.test.tcl, are performance related, and may fail based on the specifications of the machine you run them on.

The tests are available in the tests subdirectory; you come browse individual sets directly: